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So, is the Easter Bunny a thing?

It’s Easter Bunny time again. Or not, as the case may be. I’ve asked around, as I do every year, confused mammy that I am:

Does the Easter Bunny come to your house?

office mum post: Easter Bunny

And the answers, though varied, usually have a similar theme:

We didn’t have it when we were kids but my kids seem to have heard about it at school, so I guess we do ….


We didn’t have it when we were kids so I’m not going to tell my kids about the Easter Bunny – though they have heard about it somewhere themselves so we might have no choice …


We didn’t have it when we were kids so I’m keeping it vague, I’ll see what the kids come up with themselves ….


We didn’t have it when we were kids – is it really a thing now? What? Do I have to do it?

You get the drift. And maybe some people know exactly what the rules surrounding the Easter Bunny are, but I’m not one of them.

My kids have picked up the idea somewhere, and do refer to the Easter Bunny. I gloss over it when they mention him. I don’t want to dispel the idea – if they believe in magic, long may it last. And on a more practical level, I don’t want them to go into school and ruin it for any classmates for whom the large, furry chocolate-bearing rabbit is a firm fixture. And mostly, I’m afraid that if there is even a hint of a question about the bunny, it might bring the fairy and the Yuletide man-in-red into question too.

On the flip-side, and oddly, for pretty much the same reasons, I don’t want to validate the idea of the rabbit for them either. If I stand over it; if I say “Yes, the eggs you found in the garden were put there by the Easter Bunny” and then it turns out that 80% of their classmates got their eggs from their parents, I’m in trouble. We’re edging far too close to questions about other magical visitors and the notion that parents might not always tell the truth.

On a side note – eggs in the garden or at the end of the bed? Somehow both happen in our house – I’m sure that’s not quite right, but we’re in too deep now.

So which is it – what’s the rule? Is there a rule? I think we all need to get together and agree for once and for all: is there an Easter Bunny?

(and if there is; I’ll have the Butler’s, Toblerone or Lindt extra-large egg please, thank you)


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