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I’m Andrea Mara, author (crime), one-time blogger (parenting), and mum of three (kids).


Here’s a bit of background:

Until April 2015, I worked in the Funds Industry – I spent a decade there as a relatively carefree employee, followed by a further seven years as a working mother – a very different experience.

Back at work after my third maternity leave, perplexed about how to more easily manage full-time work and three small children, I started a blog as a way of letting off steam and connecting with other women in the same situation. 

Then rather awkwardly for someone with a blog called Office Mum, in April 2015, my office closed.

I was offered redundancy or redeployment, and I decided, heart in mouth, to take the opportunity to turn a blogging hobby into a career: I stepped away from the office, and into the world of freelance writing for magazines and newspapers.  I planned to try it for six months, and happily for me, I did it for four years – until the next big change came long.

Office Mum - another door opens
One door closes…

That came in the form of writing crime fiction, and my first book – a suspense thriller called The Other Side of the Wall was published by Poolbeg in June 2017. My second book, One Click, was published in 2018, and my third, The Sleeper Lies, came out in February 2020. Later that year, I signed a new two-book deal with Transworld | Penguin Random House, and All Her Fault was published in July 2021. I’ve gone on to write four more books for Transworld: Hide and Seek, No One Saw A Thing, and Someone In The Attic.

A little bit on the personal side …

I’m a list-maker and a note-taker; a sporadic diary-keeper and frequent photo taker. My blog became an extension of the obsessive cataloging – a hobby and a soapbox, but also a personal record. Posts are far less frequent than they used to be when I was trying to navigate Baby Led Weaning and sleepless nights, but I like that it’s still as a scrapbook for my kids.

Office Mum: kids' shoes
Killiney Hill - Office Mum
 Lastly (I promise!), I live in Dun Laoghaire – I love Dun Laoghaire, especially the pier. It was while walking the pier one morning in March 2013 that I decided to start writing a blog. It’s a place for ordering thoughts and blowing away cobwebs – much like a blog really. It was there in October 2016 that I pressed send on the outline that got me my book deal and became The Other Side of the Wall. And actually since I wrote this paragraph, we’ve moved house. We don’t technically, technically live in Dun Laoghaire any more, but in all other ways, I think we still do.

Thanks for dropping by my website today.

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