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‘Does for bathtubs what Psycho did for showers. A thriller honed to a fine point, sharp and keen and piercing; it’s darkly comic, too, and uncommonly observant. This is suspense you can feel good about.’  A J Finn, bestselling author of The Woman In The Window

‘Someone is getting inside your house… It’s a chilling premise, and Andrea Mara executes it brilliantly. This one is an absolute page turner!’
Shari Lapena, New York Times bestselling author of The Couple Next Door

‘A gripping story, beautifully told. Andrea Mara is masterful.’ Patricia Cornwell, New York Times bestselling author of the Kay Scarpetta series

‘Twisty, clever and scarily relatable . . . I  loved it and I can’t wait to see what Mara does next.’ Nicole Kennedy

Someone In The Attic will be published in UK/ Ireland by Transworld in June 2024 and in the US by Pamela Dorman Books | Penguin in August 2024

You thought you were home alone. Think again…

It could happen to you. 
Anya is enjoying a relaxing bath when she hears a noise in the roof. Through the open bathroom door, she sees the attic hatch swing open, and a masked figure drops to the floor. Thirty seconds later, Anya is dead.

Even in a wealthy neighbourhood like this. 
Across town, Anya’s old school friend, Julia, sees an online video of a masked figure climbing out of an attic. She suddenly realises why the footage is eerily familiar: it was filmed inside her house in a luxury gated community, designed to keep intruders out.

Even with friends like these.
Why would a stranger target Julia? Unless of course, it’s not a stranger at all.

Praise for Someone In The Attic

‘The tension in Someone in the Attic is meticulously crafted, with a cover-your-eyes creep factor. If you’re a domestic thriller fan who hasn’t yet read Andrea Mara, you might have just found a new favorite.’
Ashley Audrain, New York Times bestselling author of The Push 

‘Okay, this book is SO GOOD. Every time I heard a creak from the attic, I was silently freaking out that there was someone up there, waiting for me. Unsettling, gripping, tightly plotted. Andrea Mara is on top of her game.’ Louise O’Neill, author of Idol

‘A tense, terrifying, guessing game. Someone in the Attic twists, thrills and chills. I loved it.’ Chris Whitaker, author of We Begin At The End

‘I couldn’t put it down. Andrea Mara excels at the kind of twisty, creepy domestic noir that makes it impossible to look away.’ Fiona Cummins, author of All Of Us Are Broken

‘Full of twists and surprises, Andrea Mara’s Someone in the Attic is a totally gripping, compelling read that will have you guessing and guessing again. She has a genius for creating situations where our worst nightmares come true. Hugely enjoyable – I couldn’t put it down.’ Jane Casey, author of the Maeve Kerrigan series

‘I think it’s Andrea Mara’s best book yet.’ Catherine Ryan Howard

‘Andrea Mara is the Queen of cliffhangers. Like she did in No One Saw A Thing, she takes your biggest fears then makes them a thousand times worse. The twists and turns will give you whiplash. Brilliant.’ John Marrs, author of The One

‘Another GRIPPING read from my new favourite thriller writer!’ Claire Pooley

“As if attics weren’t creepy enough already, this book will leave you scared of the slightest overhead squeak. Someone in the Attic augments its horrifying premise with shocking twists, complicated friendships and dark secrets. Highly recommended!” Ana Reyes, New York Times bestselling author of The House in the Pines

‘Just wow! Someone in the Attic is a tightly coiled exploration of the secrets of suburbia that kept me guessing until the final gasp-inducing reveal (that I absolutely didn’t see coming). Andrea Mara is on fire! Addictive storytelling, superbly constructed. I devoured this book in one sitting and so will most.’  Amanda Cassidy, author of Dagger shortlisted Breaking

‘Someone In The Attic takes some of our darkest fears and weaves them into an unputdownable thriller. Twisty, pacy and at one point it actually made me shriek out loud! Andrea Mara goes from strength to strength…I loved it.’ Nikki Smith

‘Andrea Mara gets better and better. In Someone in the Attic, she weaves an intricate, relatable and utterly compelling tapestry of domestic suspense. Then she pulls the thread . . .’ Catherine Kirwan, author of A Lesson In Malice

‘Wow! I loved it. It is so well plotted with lots of unexpected twists and turns. I was guessing, and second guessing, throughout.’  Patricia Gibney, author of the multi-million selling Lottie Parker series.

‘SOMEONE IN THE ATTIC is a fantastic hooky read, high on creep factor and suspense. Loved it.’ Olivia Kiernan, author of The End of Us

‘An addictive, engrossing page-turner with an utterly chilling premise and a cast of intriguing and relatable characters. I loved it!’ Roz Watkins, author of The Red House

‘Andrea Mara sets a high bar, but it just got higher – she’s already the queen of domestic suspense but Someone in the Attic is her best book yet. It’s one of the best thrillers I’ve ever read.’ Sam Blake, author of Three Little Birds

‘Creepy and unsettling and I couldn’t turn the pages quick enough! Wow – what a story! I’ll be keeping the light on tonight!’ Ruth Kelly

‘It’s got Agatha Christie levels of threat and twists and the domestic setting only makes it all the more frightening, for there is nothing more scary than the threat on our doorsteps. Someone In The Attic is chilling, thrilling and absolutely gripping. I loved it!’ Edel Coffey