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The Facebook Version of my Holiday

When I go on holidays, and I do what lots of people do – I put photos up on Facebook. It’s the modern version of the postcard isn’t it – “Having a lovely time, wish you were here!” So here’s the Facebook version of one holiday, as told through the photos

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No-FOMO – the stuff I’m not missing

Some friends of mine are meeting for dinner on Friday, and I can’t go. The pull to cancel my plans in order to join them is strong – hovering at the fringes of my mind ever since I saw the email. I’ll resist, but I’ll be wondering if it’s a

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Standing in the queue for a sandwich at lunch-time, I notice that everyone is looking at their phones. I don’t mean that I just noticed this today – it’s the same every day. I stand in the queue, looking at people looking at their phones, wondering idly what they used to do

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Net the Leveller

Once upon a time, there were people who became artists and writers and  entrepreneurs, and then there was everyone else who watched from the sidelines. People who worked in banks and hospitals and estate agents and supermarkets. People who made career decisions at sixteen or seventeen; who put aside creative

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A year of engagement

This is my 100th blog-post. And tomorrow is New Year’s Eve. So I’m thinking that it might be OK for me to say something about that – about my first year of blogging. For me, 2013 has been a year of engagement. Not the diamond-ring type – that was a decade

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social media village

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you picked it up from Twitter or Facebook – it’s not news that we’re getting most of our, well, news, entertainment, information and of course blog posts, from social media. And this includes parenting information – who do parents talk to when they

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Never tweet your heroes: part II

So I’ve learned two important things since writing the below post last April – it’s a story about tripping over a laundry basket and spraining my finger, being unable to drive and therefore taking a bus to work. This gave me some unexpected time for browsing Facebook and Twitter on my

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This is not a light, self-deprecating, jokey post – I really lost it with my five year old today, and I’m feeling bad about it. I shouted at her, marched her up the stairs, and told her that she wasn’t going to the party that she was invited to this

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Never tweet your heroes…

It started on Monday morning when rushing around getting ready for work, I tripped over a basket of clean washing (it was clean, somehow that matters) and sprained my finger. Just my little finger on my left hand, but oh my, the pain, and oh goodness, the ramifications. I couldn’t

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