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Sister Act

Long, long ago, when I had two-under-two, I wondered if my girls would ever be friends. At twenty months, my eldest was little more than a baby herself when her small sister was born, and she was understandably confused. I remember a work colleague who’d had a second child around

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You Girls

  You two. So different and so the same. Nature and nurture at play. One serious and dramatic and soft, the other quirky and dramatic and wise. Both of you in love with drawing and made-up-dancing and princesses and mermaids. One obsessed with flowers and seeds and reading, the other

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Not so bad after all

“Why don’t you look at everything you got right?” That was the suggestion made by someone who read a post I wrote on everything I got wrong about starting school. Fair question. It made me think – what did I get right? What did I not screw up over the

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When the age-gap is small…

When my first baby was a year old, my husband and I thought we had it licked. “This is pretty easy actually,” we said to each other, “We’ve come through the first year unscathed, let’s have another one!” I mean, how much harder could two possibly be? As it turned out,

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Kids and happiness do mix

“It is exceptionally hard but people still do it. Other than hormones, there must be a reason people make the choice to become parents multiple times” I had a very interesting, eye-opening conversation today with someone close to me – I’ll call her Claire because I know she’d like to

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Parent like someone is watching

“He loves his new baby sister” enthused my work colleague about his little boy, “he’s not jealous at all, he’s always hugging and kissing her, he’s so good” Great so, the upcoming birth of my second child was bound to lead to exactly the same kind of loveliness. I wasn’t

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