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Office Mum stories: Lorraine Keane

  “I always say ‘nobody died’ and then try and get on with it.  Women are natural multi-taskers so we tend to think we can ‘do-it-all’.  In my experience, something has gotta give” Lorraine Keane, well-known Irish broadcaster, is this week’s interviewee in the Office Mum interview series. In her capacity as Microsoft

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Silver linings

It’s two months now since our nanny upped and left after just four days, with no notice and almost no notification of any kind. We were not impressed (the tears are almost visible here). She will be on the family blacklist FOREVER. I spent the following weeks worrying about work and

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oh dear

Tips for finding a childminder she said. Post your questions here she said. And the Gods of Taking Down Smug People thought “ha!” And even though I wasn’t being horribly smug, take me down they did. Within one week of writing a blog post with tips for finding a childminder,

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Tips for finding a childminder (nanny)

So, you need to find a complete stranger to come into your house and be solely responsible for your children while you’re not there. Scary stuff. Looking for a childminder (or nanny to use the more correct term) can be a very daunting challenge. When I was starting to think

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a little post about a super-nanny

Today is my birthday, and I arrived home from work to an eerily silent house. As I looked around in mild confusion, two excited girls, one bemused little boy and one smiling childminder jumped out from behind the counter and yelled “surprise!” There was a cake on the table – this is

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What the childminder said

“And it’s just that I don’t want her to feel self-conscious about how she looks with or without her glasses, and I know that this isn’t creche and that as a school teacher you have a whole class to look after and you can’t see everything and it’s not your

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