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Everyday Sexism and Girling Up our Kids

I’ve never personally experienced any sexism. Or at least not as far as I can remember, which may mean it has happened, and I’ve brushed it off as a normal, unremarkable, everyday thing. And that’s exactly the point Laura Bates was making when she set up The Everyday Sexism Project in 2012, a

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Girls Can Drive Trains Too

Playing Duplo trains with my three-year-old last week, we had a crisis. We couldn’t find the train driver. I picked up the girl who came with the set and put her in the driver’s seat. My little boy took her back out. “No, she is a girl – she can’t

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Reinforcing Gender Stereotypes?

The house went dark. It was like that scene in a scary movie when the baddie cuts all the wires. I look out into the hall – no baddie. Well as far as I could see in the pitch blackness. The kids were all screaming, pretending to be petrified but

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Inspiring Stuff at The Princess Parlour

I’m working hard to teach my daughters that they can be anything they want when they grow up – astronauts (“really?”), footballers (“no way mum, I thought only boys could be footballers”) or business-owners (because they’ve both decided that’s what they want to be – as opposed to my job in

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Do women really need to act like men?

There are many generalisations about the differences between men and women, and like most generalisations, they are sometimes valid – clichés don’t get to be clichés without a good foundation in truth. This is particularly the case when it comes to the workplace, where the following assumptions are often made and are

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