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Office Mum stories – Deirdre Spillane

“We need to stop congratulating fathers whenever they pitch in. This perpetuates the belief that child rearing and housework are ‘women’s work’ and men are only helping out.” Thank you Deirdre for taking part in this interview series for Office Mum – could you tell me how many children you have

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Donna Hartnett’s Letter and the Working Mother SAHM Debate

Amid the strong support for the feelings expressed in Donna Hartnett’s open letter to Enda Kenny, there has also been some “tough luck, you can’t have it all” type responses (on Twitter, and some referenced here) I don’t think that’s the point at all – I don’t think anyone expects to

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Office Mum stories – Anna Frankland

“When I went back to work after having the twins I found that venture capital and looking after twin girls were not compatible!” This week, I hear from mother of three Anna Frankland, as she explains how she transitioned from working in venture capital in Sydney to setting up her

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Family Leave Policy: A Chance For Change

“Ireland is better than the US but not as good as Scandinavia,” I said to the public policy student who was sitting beside me, “I’d say we fall somewhere in the middle.” We were at “Families and Work: A Chance for Change“, a seminar organised by Start Strong, the National

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Office Mum Stories – Dearbhalla Baviera

“Two of the main things that keep people in a situation where they are less than happy are lack of confidence and that fear of change that holds many people back” This week I talk to Dearbhalla Baviera, a mum of four, who has transitioned from a full-time role as

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Can a woman be as good at her job after she has kids? Of course she can.

Can a working mother be as good at her job after maternity leave? That’s the question – a Telegraph article headline – that caught my eye yesterday. The writer, UK journalist Antonia Hoyle, goes on to say: “Post-children I am distracted, indecisive and less confident. I am more prone to mistakes and often

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Office Mum stories – Emily Hourican

“If the whole world worked part-time – three days a week, or five mornings/ afternoons – we would all be much happier, and less judgemental about each other!” I couldn’t agree more. This week I meet journalist Emily Hourican who is the author of the recently-published How To Really Be

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Office Mum stories: June Tinsley

“it is the simple things that I find the hardest – like my child being invited to a birthday party mid-week and I can’t bring them, so have to ask another parent to bring him so he doesn’t miss out” The first interview for 2014 is with June Tinsley who

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