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The A to Z of Me

I’ve been tagged, blogger-speak for being tapped on the shoulder by another blogger, and the topic is “The A to Z of Me”. Which sounds slightly self-indulgent, but I’m curious to see where I end up. So thanks Bumbles of Rice for the tag, and here goes:

A is for Artist, which is what I wanted to be when I grew up. Working in financial services for seventeen years was almost the same really. I used highlighters A LOT.

B is for Ball, a thing I’m not good at catching. I am the one who drops the ball, but only literally, not figuratively.

C is for Cork, where I was born, and where I lived until I was thirteen. I vowed to go back once I turned sixteen. Seem to have missed that boat, along with the artist one.

D is for Dun Laoghaire, where I live, a place that cuts you to the bone on a cold winter’s day but looks like the French Riviera in the sunshine.


E is for Erasmus and for Essen: my year there involved very little college, lots of Grolsch, much time in the Irish pub, very bad cooking,  not enough time speaking German, and making lifelong friends.

F is for Funds, where I used to work, and which I loved at the time, and which I don’t miss at all. Isn’t it strange how that can happen.

G is for Gymnastics, something I loved as a child and teen, and which doesn’t necessitate catching a ball. Phew.

H is for Handy around the house, which I am not. “Mum, the batteries are gone in this?” is met with “Oh, daddy will sort that out later.” I suspect I am perpetuating gender stereotypes in a dangerous fashion.

I is for Ice-cream. Chocolate is my favourite, but I’ll eat pretty much any type, any day of the year. There’s protein in it you know.

J is for Juggling, that thing we all do, all day, every day. Except when the kids ask us to actually juggle, with balls. Or just me?

K is for Krispies (as in Rice) because they really annoy me when they spill on the floor and get crunched underfoot.

L is for List. I love a good list. And especially writing down things I’ve already done, so I can tick them off the list.

M is for Mouse – not the furry kind, the computer kind – because I didn’t know which way it was supposed to face when I first used one back in the dark ages, and consequently, I still use a mouse upside down and can’t work it when it’s the right way up.

N is for Nostalgia – I’m regularly overwhelmed with nostalgia for times gone by, and keep dragging my husband to places I went to as a child, including a primary school reunion in Cork at which he was the only man.

O is for Oz, which was where my now husband and I went on our first ever holiday together. Our last holiday was glamping in Wicklow. Oh how we’ve changed.

P is for Pancakes, which I love American style, with blueberries.

Q for Quinoa, because I know how to pronounce it, unlike Paleo, which I say incorrectly every time.

R is for Running, something I’ve discovered only very recently. And I suspect the honeymoon period is over.

Running - Office Mum

S is for Singing – I am a terrible, terrible singer.

T is for Tartt, because Donna Tartt’s The Secret History is one of my favourite books.

U is for UCD, where I studied Commerce and German, made friends for life, and discovered a not very diligent version of myself.

V is for Very difficult, which is how I feel about this list, but I’ve started so I’ll keep going.

W is for Wine, because as the sign says:



X is for X-ray, because there’s nothing else that begins with X. And I did break my finger two years ago, except I didn’t know it was broken, and now it’s crooked FOREVER. Here’s a pretend X-ray (but real picture) of my crooked finger:

Office Mum - broken finger

Y is for Yellow, my second favourite colour.

Z is for… Zoo? There are not many Z words, but like most families, we do like the zoo.

At the zoo - Office Mum


That was hard! Now I’m tagging The Busy Mamas and Awfully Chipper. And I’m off to take a nap.


“It does feel like there are eighteen school runs a day (really, it’s just three), and I don’t know how many more times I can tidy the same Lego back into the same box, then watch the smallest delightedly spill it all over the floor again…” The true A to Z of my current life is here: The transition to WAHM-hood, for





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