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Homeschool and the one or two things we’re worrying about…

It’s a Sunday night like no other – like thousands of parents up and down the country, we’re checking codes and devices and searching (and searching and searching) for that missing email (or was it an Aladdin message or maybe a text message) with the times for the call or the codes for the app. I keep telling myself it will be better this time, now that we know what to expect, and maybe that’s the only way to keep going – to believe and hope that it will be better, in spite of the worries.
I know there are parents who are worried that their children are having too few video calls, and parents who are worried that their children will have too many video calls, and parents who are worried because their children will have no video calls at all.
There are kids who need constant supervision and kids who don’t. There are kids who will not have enough work to keep them going, and kids who will never get through the work assigned.
There are parents with kind bosses who will let them work flexibly. There are parents with bosses who don’t understand. There are parents with bosses who do understand but the work still has to get done.
There are teachers who are trying to homeschool their own children while teaching remotely and correcting assignments.
There are schools trying to appease parents who feel there wasn’t enough engagement the last time. There are schools trying to appease parents who feel there was too much work the last time. There is every kind of parent in every single class, all with different expectations and pressures and fears.
There are parents worried about their kids falling behind academically. There are parents who are not worried about the academics but very worried about the lack of social interaction.
There are schools passing on the message that the curriculum must be covered. There are parents who want the curriculum covered. There are schools sending the message that they understand there is only so much we can do, and there are very grateful parents feeling relieved to get such a kind and understanding message (🙋‍♀️ )
There is no good solution, there is no perfect way, because Covid is about as far from perfect a scenario you can get.
The pervading mantra is that we can only do our best. To be honest, I already know I won’t always manage even that. But at least there are no school lunches to make. Good luck to us all!
This was originally a Facebook post, but I’m putting it here so I remember life in lockdown 3




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