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Ten family friendly hotels in Ireland

My first holiday as a parent was a bit of a shock. I remember looking forward to it, thinking that it would a relaxing, sun-filled, restful ten days – a few glasses of wine, some nice dinners, and lots of sleep. Oh and reading – a great chance to catch up on all those books that had been sitting idly on my bedside locker.

Fast forward ten days, and I was arriving home, more exhausted than I’d been before I went. I had tried to have the same type of holiday that I’d had before becoming a parent, but with an eleven-month-old along for the journey. Six years later, I now know how to have a good holiday with kids – plan the holiday around them, and book somewhere family-friendly.

So with the help of members, Twitter, Facebook, and suggestions from friends, I’ve put together this list of family-friendly hotels in Ireland for eumom: Top Ten Family Friendly hotels – you may even have time to read a book :)

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