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How To Beat The Daylight Savings Impact – For Parents of Small Kids

A few years ago, I was at a party the day after the clocks went back, chatting to a friend of a friend. She was bemoaning the fact that her child had woken up even earlier than usual that morning. “He usually wakes at 6.30,” she said, “But this morning because of the clocks changing, it was 5.30.”

Her child hadn’t really woken any earlier than usual of course, but the fact that the clock said 5.30 instead of 6.30 was understandably depressing. And similarly lots of people with small children are worrying about the clocks going back tonight and babies waking early tomorrow morning, so here’s my take on it:

My youngest wakes around 6.30am every morning – he will wake at 6.30am tomorrow morning too, though it will be considered to be 5.30am due to Daylight Savings.

So I’m not going to change my clock back tonight or tomorrow morning at all.
When my small boy wakes at 6.30am, it will be 5.30am everywhere else in the country, but it will be 6.30am in my house, so I won’t feel like crying (at least not any more than every other morning).

Then tomorrow evening, around 5pm, just when I feel like I could do with another hour in my day, I’ll move the clock back to 4pm. I’m not sure yet how I’ll use my extra hour – I could do something constructive like cleaning the house or sorting out invoices. But I imagine in reality I’ll do something much lazier but far more enjoyable involving coffee and cake.

daylight savings - clocks - office mum

Try it – it works every year in our house! (Of course the real solution is to go to bed an hour earlier but there’s no fun in that.)

PS If you’re due at work or your in-laws are arriving at 9am tomorrow morning, don’t do this :)

And, remember, your smart phone probably updates automatically so don’t look at that when you wake up in the morning or the whole illusion is ruined!

daylight savings clocks - office mum
So many clocks, so little time…




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