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The 7 Lessons This Working Mother is Trying to Teach

I’m guilty of feeling guilty.

Too much.

Worrying about the time I spend away from the kids.

Worrying that because both of us work, they’re missing out.

Worrying that I’ll regret it all some day.

I know that I have to work for the income, but I also know that I like working. Which of course just adds to the guilt. While our family benefits in lots of ways because both of us work (not having the house repossessed for example, is a good benefit) I do worry.

Perhaps though there is something positive to gain from work – maybe via the lessons I’m teaching the kids. I certainly don’t work in order to be a role model for them, but, we are where we are, so I took a look to see if they are learning anything useful from me about the world of work.

And happily, I came up with seven lessons that they might be learning. I wrote them down, and I felt better. Still guilty, but less so.

The 7 lessons I’m teaching my kids about work are on Do you have more to add?

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