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When Will There Be Good News?

Going to bed last night, I thought about the fact that everyone in the house had gone outside for at least ten minutes fresh air, and that there were no major arguments, and that nobody had cried during homeschool, and I felt like it had been a good day.
This morning, I remembered to press the button on the (very loud) coffee machine before my youngest’s Zoom started, and figured this was shaping up to be a good day too.
Then I read the thing about Level 5 possibly continuing till Easter and no clarity on schools and the “nobody cried during homeschool” thing is gone for today anyway.
I feel so sad for everyone, especially for people who are out of work and people who are sick, but I’m having selfish moment today feeling extremely sad for kids. Mine are missing friends desperately, missing human interaction outside our own family, missing face-to-face teaching, but mostly missing friends. Zoom is fine every now and then but sometimes it just feels unnatural and exhausting and sometimes I can’t talk them into doing one and I fully understand why. At various times over the last five weeks, my two younger ones have cried in my arms, so fed up with the whole thing. Most of the time, they just get on with it, because that’s what we’re all doing, and what choice do we have? But today, it just feels like a lot.
So for everyone else, who, like me, feels relatively lucky and that we shouldn’t complain because we’re not too badly off, if you need to cry during homeschool, today is a good day for that.
Normal service will resume shortly.
Title inspired by the Kate Atkinson book I read many years ago, and whose title I quote often in my head, especially now.
This was originally a Facebook post but I put it here too so when I look back and wonder how things were, I’ll know.




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