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Valentine’s Day Mammy-style

Ooh Valentine’s Day – maybe we’ll book a romantic night away in a hotel.

Scrap that – no babysitter, no money. But I’ll buy him a card and a present.

Well, a card anyway.

Those are nice cards! I’ll get one each for the kids as well.

Oh wait, there’s €3.99 each. Maybe I’ll just make cards for the kids.

And we could make a cake – a heart-shaped cake. They’d love that.

Valentine's Heart - Office Mum



Hmm, I don’t have a heart-shaped cake tin.

Maybe we can just cut a normal sponge cake into a heart shape.

Or leave it as a sponge cake, but with pink icing.

Or is pink icing full of additives – I wonder will they just get hyper.

Actually, I think I’ll buy a cake instead.

And we’ll have a special dinner with the kids.

Although that’s not terribly romantic.

Maybe we’ll get the kids off to bed, and have a romantic dinner ourselves – just the two of us.

Candles, and wine, and something fancy to eat – I’ll try a new recipe.

Though that would involve cooking.

Maybe I can get him to do steak and chips.

I don’t know where the candles are.

Sure we’ll just have it on the couch – no point in setting the table.

Ah – there’s a child awake upstairs.

Oh, the steak’s cold now.

And we forgot to get the cake.

Stick on the TV?

I’ll let him watch Match of the Day.

Who says romance is dead.


Love heart - Office Mum





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