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What makes a great day?

Some days are just grand, and some days are great. Not for lotto-winning type reasons – just easy days, when things fall into place. We had one of those today. It started wonderfully – nobody cried during breakfast, and I didn’t shout. Winning by 8am.

On the way to school, Clara, who is six, told me that she was nervous about doing Show and Tell. I reminded her that only last week, I had been nervous about a presentation for work, and that she had eased my worries by getting me to run through it with her. So she went through her Show and Tell on the way to school, and like me, she felt better. And after school, she told me with a big smile “It went great mum, Show and Tell went great”. A good day.

Office Mum photo of kids having coffeeAfter drop-off, the two smaller kids and I went for pancakes in our favourite coffee shop, then we went shopping for a dress for me, for a big night out tomorrow night. Returning to the car empty-handed, I turned to Emmie, who is four, and said “I think I should have tried that last dress we saw – would it be crazy to go all the way back? We probably need to go to the car first anyway, so I can get a dummy for Sam – I don’t think he’ll last … ”

“Let’s do it mum,” she said. “Don’t bother going back to the car – I’ll distract him if he doesn’t last while you’re trying it on”

“Wow, you are brilliant!” I told her.

“Mum, you know I love shopping with you” she said. I seriously don’t know if I can let this child start school in September – I need her more than they do.

When I tried on the dress, she said “Mum, it’s magnificent!” and Sam, who is two, followed that with “Mummy, you pwincess!” Sold.

After school, and the news of the successful Show and Tell, we went for coffee with some classmates and their mums. There we heard the very welcome news that Clara’s class won’t mix and merge next year, something we were worried about (especially a six-year-old who has issues with changing cars and sky-boxes and kitchen tables). A good day.

The sun shone more and more brightly as the day wore on, so we went to our favourite place – Cabinteely Park. Mostly because after an hour in the playground, we can go for coffee and ice-cream in the Japanese garden. Sitting in the sun, taking in the view, Emmie turned to me and said “It was a great day mum, wasn’t it”

Office Mum photo: Emmie eating ice cream

She was right – it was. I wondered later, what made it great? Lots of little things, but two main factors I figured. Firstly, sleep. We’d had a rare night where everyone slept through, and everyone was therefore at super-human levels of fabulousness today.

And secondly it was sunny. We’re all better versions of ourselves when the sun shines, and most parents are better parents in the sun – I sure am.

So, on analysis, it seems my great day was the product of two factors over which I have no control whatsoever – sleep and sun. Well at least I’ve written it down now, so I’ll know I didn’t dream it.






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