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Homework, Day 1

“It’s not fair, everyone in the class got lovely new books and I got one with scribbles all over it.”

“It’s not fair, we all got moved around and we were allowed to be with our friends, but I was too shy to ask.”

“It’s not fair I have to colour this balloon in brown but the brown colouring pencil keeps breaking.”

“Can you do my colouring homework for me? Just some of it, please? You’re really good at staying inside the lines Mum.”

“No! Don’t write down how long my homework really took – I’ll get in trouble for taking too long.

“It’s not fair, I’m the only girl in the glass who didn’t have all the books, the teacher’s going to be really cross with me.”

“Yes Mum, I know the bookshop sent out the wrong books but I’ll still be in trouble.”

“It’s not fair, I’m the only girl in the class who doesn’t have her own You Tube channel.”

“No, don’t email all the mums to find out about the You Tube channels, but it’s true, I promise!”

“Why can’t I make slime out of glue and blue tack instead of doing my homework? It’s educational.”

“Oh oh, I’ve glued my hands together.”

“I didn’t spell soldier wrong – I’m not changing it.

“I didn’t eyeroll. Okay, fine, how do you spell soldier?”

“But where’s the O – you never mentioned the O?”

“Of course there’s an O in soldier Mum – it’s in the book.”

“Okay, fine, I meant an E not an O – why didn’t you mention the E?”

“No you didn’t Mum, you definitely didn’t mention an E.”

“What do you mean you’re moving out?”






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