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The Holy Grail of Flexible Work

Babies and commuting and working and cooking and changing and feeding and trying – trying very hard to keep it all together. That’s how it was for me in the early days – like for so many others – as a new mother trying to maintain a career. I vividly

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Reasons to drink pretend champagne

I wasn’t going to write anything about this week, but I’m sitting here drinking champagne (the not-champagne type), and that seems like a reason to write it down (or maybe it’s the bubbles talking) As work-life balance goes, this week has been rather one-sided. Work has been busy and difficult. The

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Office Mum stories: Lorraine Keane

  “I always say ‘nobody died’ and then try and get on with it.  Women are natural multi-taskers so we tend to think we can ‘do-it-all’.  In my experience, something has gotta give” Lorraine Keane, well-known Irish broadcaster, is this week’s interviewee in the Office Mum interview series. In her capacity as Microsoft

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