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Office Mum stories – Rachael Schedewy

“I sometimes look longingly at the mothers I can see from my office window, taking their kids for a walk to the park… sometimes I even tear up at my desk thinking about what I am missing out”  This week’s interview comes from the other side of the world –

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Sometimes it’s not so simple

A thought provoking piece appeared in the Independent this week by Miriam Donahue, recounting how she once broke the glass ceiling but then handed back her promotion in favour of having time with her family. She makes very good points about quotas, about women in politics and women on air.

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Anglotapes: what would women do?

Listening to the Anglotapes for the second day today, like most of the country, I’m angry and speechless. We all know the history of what happened, but to actually hear the conversations played out – to hear the lack of forethought, the complete absence of care, the clear intention to

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