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Holidays with a dash of toddler

Holidaying with a toddler is kind of a contradiction in terms – if you expect, that is, for a holiday to be a relaxing affair. If you like high-octane adventure holidays, where you come home exhausted after two weeks of running, climbing and water-based-activities, then of course, holidaying with a

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Tales of parenting moments gone by (almost)

What parenting moments are over for you? And how do you see them now, when you look back? What do you miss? These are the questions being asked by The Busy Mamas for her brand new linky, so I got thinking. I thought about some tangible stages that have finished for good;

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How to beat the daylight savings impact

Lots of people are worrying about the clocks going back and babies waking early, Here’s my take on it: My baby wakes around 6am – he will wake at 6am tomorrow morning, though it will be considered to be 5am due to Daylight Savings. So I’m not going to change

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