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The Cold Tea Years

If you’re a mother who has ever read a back-to-work article or blog post, you’ve probably heard references to hot tea – the fabled drink that we all get to try once we return to work after maternity leave. It’s usually mentioned in tandem with adult conversations – two luxuries

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Tea Meets Dress

I had my fortnightly spill-on-the-desk incident today, only instead of the usual full cup of water, it was a full cup of tea. And not just on the desk, but all over my chair too, and the floor, and my notebook, and my dress. In the middle of the day,

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a chip off the (not so old) block

Today we went to a birthday party – all five of us. My eldest has been giving out about this upcoming birthday party for the last two weeks, saying she wouldn’t know anyone, she’d be older than all the other kids (the birthday girl is a friend of my four year

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double standards and a nice cup of tea

I should have been in bed, it was heading towards midnight on Sunday, and I was due up at 4am to head to the airport for a work trip. As usual I was feeling 90% apprehensive – worrying about leaving the kids, anxious that the baby would wake during the night and not understand

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