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Rewards For Grown-ups Too

Another week done; in fact a whole month done now, and a little more progress with getting used to school. Actually, to anyone who sees at us at the door every morning, it would all look perfect – my small boy gives me a cheeky grin, runs towards his classroom,

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Well. That was a long week. Somehow back to school has been more challenging than ever – I suppose logically that’s how it goes – more kids in school, and more homework because everyone has moved up a class. But I don’t think I realised that having three in school

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Inside I’m (surely) crying

I know this is supposed to be an emotional time. My smallest; my baby; my last baby is off to school. I am meant to be in floods of tears. I should have pockets stuffed with tissues. I’m supposed to just about hold it in when I drop him to

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Not so bad after all

“Why don’t you look at everything you got right?” That was the suggestion made by someone who read a post I wrote on everything I got wrong about starting school. Fair question. It made me think – what did I get right? What did I not screw up over the

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5 things I got completely wrong about starting school

When my first child started school two years ago, everyone said it would be a big change. I didn’t exactly disbelieve them, but really, I thought, how big could it possibly be? Unsurprisingly, I got it completely wrong. 1. School is just the next step after crèche, right? What I

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To my big-small-girl

Tiny grown-up girl, wrapped up in swathes of burgundy, you smile out, from deep inside. Oblivious to the over-size, just happy to finally be there. It’s a hand-me-down from your big sister, but you don’t mind. You’ve waited two long years to follow in her foot-steps; to follow in her uniform.

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the do’s and don’ts of starting school

School’s out for summer, and for parents all over the country it’s a significant milestone in any year. For our family, until now, this time of year meant just two things: lighter traffic in the morning and holidays jumping to twice the price. But for the first time, we experienced end-of-term properly

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