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Office Mum stories – Ciara Garvan

“I think the optimal solution – just like kids – changes all the time.” Ciara Garvan wanted flexible work that could fit around her three children, and having spotted a gap in the market, founded, an agency that matches people to flexible roles. Here, she talks about her SAHM

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Office Mum stories – Sophie Cafolla

The first of this year’s interviewees is Sophie Cafolla, a Dublin mother of one. Having worked in events and marketing for years, she recently stepped away from this to set up her own business. She talks about the importance of her relationship with her husband, the “always on” element of business

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Office Mum stories – Leisha McGrath

“In my view the world is seriously missing out because employers are failing to be more creative in the types of working arrangements they offer to women.” Leisha McGrath is an Occupational Psychologist and mum of two. Here she talks about how redundancy prompted her to start working for herself,

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