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Office Mum stories – Sophie Cafolla

The first of this year’s interviewees is Sophie Cafolla, a Dublin mother of one. Having worked in events and marketing for years, she recently stepped away from this to set up her own business. She talks about the importance of her relationship with her husband, the “always on” element of business

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Office Mum stories – Joanna O’Sullivan

“Yes, the world doesn’t see fit to give me money for looking after my children but it is my job and I’m doing it very well 😉 (My children are not available to give references). But yes, I do miss paycheques” I meet Joanna O’Sullivan for this week’s interview;  she

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Office Mum stories: Nicola O’Byrne

“Weekends and Christmas are sacred . One of my reasons for leaving the hospital was so that I’d never miss Christmas Eve or Christmas morning with my husband and kids.”  For the twelfth instalment in the Office Mum interview series, I meet Nicola O’Byrne who is a lactation consultant in

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