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No-FOMO – the stuff I’m not missing

Some friends of mine are meeting for dinner on Friday, and I can’t go. The pull to cancel my plans in order to join them is strong – hovering at the fringes of my mind ever since I saw the email. I’ll resist, but I’ll be wondering if it’s a

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The Once a Week Mum

Coffee in one hand, keys in the other, I lock the car and make my way up the street towards the gates – not too early and not too late. I continue on into the school-yard and scan the area. Some familiar faces, standing together in a group. Mums from

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Office Mum stories – Bridget Farrell

“I tip-toe out of the house every morning when our daughter is asleep and feel sad that I’m not there when she wakes up” The first interview of the new year is with Bridget Farrell, who is married to Ray, and lives in Tullamore. They both work outside the home

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