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The Fevers

I woke up this morning unable to breathe. I’d been dreaming that I was suffocating and when I woke up, I found I still couldn’t breathe. I sat straight up in bed and opened my mouth and gulped in some air. Hay fever. Just bloody hay fever making me think I’m

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Love at first sight

The voice in my ear gives me the go ahead – I’ve completed my self-imposed time running on roads and forest paths, now Runkeeper says I can go onto the beach. I turn and run towards the gate. “Buongiorno,” says the security guard. “Buongiorno,” I reply, in my Irish accent. I

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One for the Runners

“Would you think about signing up for a 5k?” asked my friend, long, long ago (last year) when I first discovered running. But no chance. I didn’t want to take part in any races. I didn’t even want to run 5k on my own. I was happy going out once

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Late to the game

I am literally (not literally) the last person in Ireland to discover running. For years now, it has been the go-to option for people all over the country who want to stay fit and healthy. And we all know that it has become particularly popular since the recession, when people ran out

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Aiming Low and Being Present

I really like a good list. And ticking things off lists. And sometimes adding things I’ve already done so that I can tick them off. The satisfying swoosh. Tick, tick, tick. And I like new year’s resolutions. But only ones that I a) really genuinely want to achieve and b)

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