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This Too Shall Pass

There are some platitudes that annoyed me as a new mother more than others, though I think it often depended on who the platitude-giver was and how little sleep I’d had the night before. My personal blood-pressure-raising one was “sleep when baby sleeps”. I wanted to cry every time I heard it, and

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Half way through ups and downs

It’s been eight weeks of school-runs. Eight weeks of yellow-box waves and headlight nods. Eight weeks of leaf kicking and breath taking. Eight weeks of russet and orange and yellow journeys. An up and down start to a whole new phase; finding feet. It’s the most beautiful autumn I’ve ever

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And off he goes

His favourite pastimes are chasing pigeons, raiding cupboards and eating bagels. At lunch-time, he ignores what everyone else is having and goes his own way, even if that’s Ready Brek with fives spoons. At dinner-time, he gets up from the table and walks off to play with toys. I bring

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