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Changing Culture and Sliding Doors

Watching an episode of Mad Men recently, I found myself feeling every inch of what was taking place on screen. It wasn’t about drinking Bourbon in the office and it wasn’t about everyday sexism – it was about an office move. (For anyone who is still watching Mad Men, there are

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Seven Ways to Pretend to be Busy at Work

He’s the busiest person in the office. Most of us know this person. He is always too busy to stop and talk. He must be important, because nobody could be that busy all the time and not be important. And whatever you do, don’t ask him to take on anything else –

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The Office Christmas Special

Little black dresses, large gins, lots of shots. Speeches, spills, too many beers, late night tears. Every Christmas party ever. New dresses bought each year, sparkles everywhere – eyeshadow, clutches and heels. Glamorous venues like Powerscourt and Luttrelstown and the Guinness Storehouse. Drinks then buses then drinks then food then

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