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Office Mum stories: Carmel Harrington

“I try hard not to compromise the kind of mother I want to be, by not letting work encroach on the children’s time.  But inevitably, deadlines need to be met“ Next up, in this series of interviews with mothers, is Carmel Harrington, a sales manager turned stay-at-home-mother and now a published

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Office Mum stories: Nicola Finnerty

“ Late night in front of the TV with a glass of wine is often where I get my best work done…and don’t ask about cleaning, laundry or grocery shopping… that just happens on an as needed basis!” This week in the Office Mum interview series, I meet Nicola Finnerty,

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Office Mum stories: Naomi Lavelle

“I think once you become a parent, guilt is inevitable”                              “I often feel like I am present physically but trying to work on something myself while doing homework/cooking dinner etc.  I feel like I may be around

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Office Mum stories: Caitríona Redmond

This is the first in a series of interviews with mothers; chatting about home and work and family, and that elusive balance that we all seek. Topics range from childcare to career changes, working from home to stay-at-home mothers, setting up businesses, fitting in homework, the ever-present guilt, and mostly,

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Online disasters & virtual friends

On Monday I attempted to convert my blog to a new website. This involved googling to get code to copy somewhere deep inside the hidden vaults of the new website. Not an easy task but what’s the worst that could happen? If it didn’t work, I’d use that nice back

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Office Mum is looking a little different

Welcome to the new Office Mum website! It looks a slightly different, but it should still do what it’s supposed to do – let me know if it doesn’t, pretty please 🙂 If you used to subscribe by email, you’ll need to do so again by putting your email address

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