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The Woman in the Garden

I was driving somewhere – dropping the kids or picking them up – when I saw her. A woman, a bit older than me, kneeling at a flower bed in her garden. Weeding or pruning or sowing or tweaking, one or all of the above. And the image stuck with

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One Goal

17 years ago, on New Year’s Eve, I turned to my husband and told him my resolutions. I can’t remember them precisely now – I think I wanted to learn Italian, teach myself to cook, and break my newly formed post-work shopping habit. We were living in an apartment in

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17 from 17

It’s that looking-ahead-while-looking-back time of year, and since I’m still in pyjamas and eating the last of the Butlers chocolates, I’m staying firmly in looking-back mode. And I’m taking the lead from Sadhbh of Where Wishes Come From again this year and joining her annual linky to round up my favourite 17 blog-related things from 2017: 1.

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On Balance

In theory, there’s no reason to make resolutions just because it’s the start of a new year, but where there’s an excuse to make a list and potentially tick things off, count me in. I don’t usually make long or detailed resolutions – I hand-pick a handful of broad goals and write them on the

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Aiming Low and Being Present

I really like a good list. And ticking things off lists. And sometimes adding things I’ve already done so that I can tick them off. The satisfying swoosh. Tick, tick, tick. And I like new year’s resolutions. But only ones that I a) really genuinely want to achieve and b)

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Obligatory year-end round-up

It’s New Year’s Day and there are familiar signs that Christmas is nearly over – the tree branches are starting to droop and wilt, the new toys are scattered all over the house, and the last few Heroes have been eaten (except the Eclairs and Fudges). Each year, I think

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