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The Moods of Motherhood – Ebb and Flow

The earliest mood of motherhood comes before there is motherhood at all – prompted by that first moment staring at blue lines on a stick. It may be joy, or relief, or surprise, or shock, or fear – very few moments can be so life-changing and provoke such opposing emotions. For

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The loneliness of first time motherhood

Where to buy a moses basket mattress, what to pack in the hospital bag, which books to read, where to find baby name meanings and why you must put your unborn child’s name down for schools: these are just some of the many pieces of advice I was given when

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Ten things I’ve learned about parenting

As part of lovely Learner Mama’s linky, I’ve put together ten random things I’ve learned about parenting. They apply to me; they may not apply to everyone. But I wish my pre-mother self had known some of them. Or maybe that would take the fun out of it… 1. Nothing

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