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Curry with a pinch of children

What do you miss about life before kids? That was the question on an online forum recently. I sometimes miss sleeping when I like, and socializing when I like, and spending (ish) what I like. And I also miss curry. I really do. I used to make curry at least twice a

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Mealtime battles with kids

Throwing my hands up in despair, I asked my four-year-old daughter what I could possibly do to get her to eat dinner. It was a general question – not specifically related to the meal we’d had (or not had, in her case) that evening. I figured she might have the

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At the dinner table

This is how it goes in my house: “Kids, dinner’s ready, come to the table.” Then with a little less patience “Kids! Please come to the table!” Multiply this by pointlessly high number. Give up calling, start threatening and/ or physically lifting them into their seats. Cue dinner responses: Eldest:

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