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Beauty Blogger for a Day: Barefaced Beauty

While beauty bloggers are sent highlighters and eye-shadows and lipsticks to review, parent bloggers are asked if they’d like to take a look at cleaning products. OK, not always, I’m exaggerating, but still. Wouldn’t it be great to be sent free beauty products? And to try them, and to write about

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5 things I haven’t learned at all about holidaying with kids

Every year, bright-eyed and innocent, I look forward to going away on holidays – to reading and relaxing and resting, and to getting lots of sleep and sun. And every year, I am yet again taken by surprise to find that the holiday isn’t quite the chilled out, easygoing, restful

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Ten things I’ve learned about parenting

As part of lovely Learner Mama’s linky, I’ve put together ten random things I’ve learned about parenting. They apply to me; they may not apply to everyone. But I wish my pre-mother self had known some of them. Or maybe that would take the fun out of it… 1. Nothing

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