Andrea Mara

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The Bookworm Thief

I own a book monster. I take her to library, she gets out ten books, and two days later, she’s read them all. I usually find her roaming around the house at night, picking up newspapers and magazines, desperate for something to read until she can get her next library

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A Doctor on Your Phone – Babylon Health App Review

Medicine and the internet – they haven’t always been the most comfortable of bedfellows. I can’t be the only one who has googled a mild headache and come away thinking I’m going to die within the hour? And I remember when my first baby was tiny, and breastfeeding was hit

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Net the Leveller

Once upon a time, there were people who became artists and writers and  entrepreneurs, and then there was everyone else who watched from the sidelines. People who worked in banks and hospitals and estate agents and supermarkets. People who made career decisions at sixteen or seventeen; who put aside creative

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social media village

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you picked it up from Twitter or Facebook – it’s not news that we’re getting most of our, well, news, entertainment, information and of course blog posts, from social media. And this includes parenting information – who do parents talk to when they

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