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The Half-hour

I pressed the button on the kettle, and clicked into Facebook. Sucky-sucky time-sucker lovely Facebook. But it’s OK – according to my own personal virtual rulebook, I’m allowed to scroll through my phone while waiting for the kettle to boil. Especially when just back from an internet-free day out with the

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A Shout-Out for the 50:50 Men

Last night, I picked up the iron from the counter to put it away, but then realised that I don’t know where we keep it. My husband does all the ironing, and always has done. The last time I ironed anything was 2001, when I burned the dress I was

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The Slow-it-Down Day

Walking back to the car after the school run, I called to Sam to hurry up, then caught myself, realising that for once, there was no reason to hurry. It was 9am. We had just dropped Clara and Emmie to school. And both were invited on playdates after school –

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Tips for finding a childminder (nanny)

So, you need to find a complete stranger to come into your house and be solely responsible for your children while you’re not there. Scary stuff. Looking for a childminder (or nanny to use the more correct term) can be a very daunting challenge. When I was starting to think

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