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The Moods of Motherhood – Ebb and Flow

The earliest mood of motherhood comes before there is motherhood at all – prompted by that first moment staring at blue lines on a stick. It may be joy, or relief, or surprise, or shock, or fear –┬ávery few moments can be so life-changing and provoke such opposing emotions. For

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Sun through clouds

Driving along the coast road, the September sun is filtering through the white sky. Mixed weather is what the forecasters call it. Silence from the back; a Saturday football roundup on the radio. Tired after running all day, three small faces are watching but not watching. The sea stretches out beside

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Kids and happiness do mix

“It is exceptionally hard but people still do it. Other than hormones, there must be a reason people make the choice to become parents multiple times” I had a very interesting, eye-opening conversation today with someone close to me – I’ll call her Claire because I know she’d like to

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