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Halloween themed midterm for the uninspired parent

Midterm break crept up on me this year, and I realised this morning that we have no plans at all¬†–¬†other than not getting dressed until as late as humanly possible every morning. The kids are here all week, so day-time working is suspended, but I forgot to come up with

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Something Festive This Way Comes

Until recently, apart from lighter traffic on the way to work, the October mid-term break meant nothing to me at all. But since the kids started school, and once I realised that taking the mid-term week off work was the thing to do, this time of year has taken on

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Autumn Glow

I’m very conscious that many of my posts are about parenting failures, domestic disasters, motherhood challenges, and mammy-guilt. I am in danger of appearing to be a terrible mother. So for once, I’m going to write about something lovely, something that went really, really well – our mid-term break. Don’t

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