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Family Leave Policy: A Chance For Change

“Ireland is better than the US but not as good as Scandinavia,” I said to the public policy student who was sitting beside me, “I’d say we fall somewhere in the middle.” We were at “Families and Work: A Chance for Change“, a seminar organised by Start Strong, the National

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Office Mum stories – Martha Kearns

“Leave the guilt at the door. It’s not helping anyone and just stresses you out : no one else” This week’s interview is with Martha Kearns, a journalist and mother of two. Originally from Sligo, she has lived in Dublin for 20 years. Martha is the News Editor of the Sunday

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Office Mum stories – Sinéad Crowley

“I have guilty moments, I think most mothers do. Fathers tend not to, which is interesting; most men I know are pragmatic about it. Work has to be done, bills have to be paid” This week’s Office Mum interview is with Sinéad Crowley; journalist, RTE Arts and Media correspondent and

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Office Mum stories – Emily Hourican

“If the whole world worked part-time – three days a week, or five mornings/ afternoons – we would all be much happier, and less judgemental about each other!” I couldn’t agree more. This week I meet journalist Emily Hourican who is the author of the recently-published How To Really Be

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Office Mum stories – Laura Kenny

“I did start off a level above my husband when we were both working in the same company doing similar jobs. While I started off ahead, he moved much, much faster through the career ladder” In this week’s interview, I meet Laura Kenny, a working mother of two living in

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Office Mum stories: Fiona Kennedy

“lower your standards! Housework can wait.                                                                                     If everyone is fed

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Office Mum stories: June Tinsley

“it is the simple things that I find the hardest – like my child being invited to a birthday party mid-week and I can’t bring them, so have to ask another parent to bring him so he doesn’t miss out” The first interview for 2014 is with June Tinsley who

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the work conversation

Mothers: what is the solution? With working outside the home I mean, and the attempts to balance. I have never met a mother with whom I haven’t had this conversation – the one about work. All of the below conversations took place over a two week period, just a typical fortnight

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