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5 Things to do in Dublin for Free

This post could also have been called “What we did this summer so far”, or “Places I lost my youngest child this summer and needed help from strangers to find him” or simply “Brambles cafés we’ve been too, because they are EVERYWHERE now.” We were away for the heatwave and since we’ve

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Getting Our Bearings

Something I keep forgetting is that it takes my kids a little bit of time to adjust on any given occasion – holidays, new places, days out. They need a few minutes or a few hours to work out that expectations and reality aren’t exactly the same – and it

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Airfield Escape

My head was a little bit tender when I woke up this morning and my brain was a little bit fuzzy – a Prosecco-type fuzziness, after an incredibly fun 40th last night. What I really didn’t want to do was get five of us up and dressed and into the car by 10.15am,

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And then the day was saved…

We were going to go to Howth today, for fish and chips. Or maybe Ardgillan Castle. Or possibly Glendalough, for a picnic. But like everyone else, we woke to that same mixed sky weather we’ve been seeing all week – rain, sun, rain, sun, except with more grey than blue.

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And it hardly rained at all

Five wristbands, secured, we were checked through the gateway, towards the GPO. The elderly lady behind us didn’t have a wristband, but it didn’t matter. The woman on security told her so – the lady’s years of experience were enough she said. One Dub to another. Hearts warmed. Then right

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last of the summer time

Autumn equinox, the country bathed in an unexpected heatwave. A day to mark summer’s end with one last everything. One last ice-cream, one last outdoor lunch, one last walk on the Dun Laoghaire pier. It was the day of the All-Ireland football final, and Dublin Bay glinted in the sunlight,

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