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The Kids Are Alright

Are our families being damaged by the non-stop commuting lives we lead? Or are children with two employed parents doing OK after all? The media gives us conflicting answers to this – often on a daily basis. Most recently, there’s are reports of a study that showing that children in families

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Office Mum Stories – Joanne Keane

“It is usually women… who see the raised eyebrows when they actually have to leave their desks to go and pick up their children and can’t stay late, but who maybe then put in another few hours on the laptop when the children go to bed”  Originally from west Clare

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Office Mum stories – Tric Kearney

“I have discovered in recent years that the world I thought I’d left when I chose to stay at home, is still out there and it is up to me to go find it once more. A task I am enjoying pursuing” This week I meet Tric Kearney, mom to

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Office Mum stories – Gwen Loughman

“Listen, I was that person who was going to have her baby on Friday night and be propped up at the bar in the pub wearing full make-up and heels on Saturday night.  Of course I was going back to work!!!” The weekly interview series is back with Gwen Loughman; a

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Office Mum stories: Lucy O’Connor

“I began a career break so my new job is stay at home mammy and my hours are now 24/7!” This week, I meet Lucy O’Connor, a mother of three who last June went from working full-time to taking a career break. Lucy has swapped HR management for school-runs, and

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