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I don’t totally, totally hate the playground

The sun was shining, they’d finished lunch, and they needed some fresh air. I had no more excuses. Time to hit the playground. They wanted to go to the one nearest our house – the one where there’s cool stuff but it’s always freezing cold and there’s no decent coffee nearby.

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So it Turns Out, Parenting is Hard

This is not a newsflash. If you’re reading this, you’re probably a parent, and you already know that parenting is hard. I like for there to be reason for the hard days though, and this week I learned that sometimes there is no reason. Like Monday morning. I woke up

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What makes a great day?

Some days are just grand, and some days are great. Not for lotto-winning type reasons – just easy days, when things fall into place. We had one of those today. It started wonderfully – nobody cried during breakfast, and I didn’t shout. Winning by 8am. On the way to school,

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Good day, good parent?

I worry a lot that I’m not very good at being a parent.  I work outside the home because financially I have to, as many mothers do. I also enjoy my job, and wonder sometimes if it’s easy to hide behind the financial obligation – how would I really feel

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