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Office Mum stories – Sophie Cafolla

The first of this year’s interviewees is Sophie Cafolla, a Dublin mother of one. Having worked in events and marketing for years, she recently stepped away from this to set up her own business. She talks about the importance of her relationship with her husband, the “always on” element of business

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Office Mum stories – Clare Holman

“I think it’s a good example to set to your kids that mums work too, so on balance I’m pretty guilt-free, but nothing is ever quite perfect especially when you hear the words ‘Mama, STOP LOOKING AT YOUR LAPTOP AND PLAY WITH ME’!” This week’s interview is with Clare Holman

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Office Mum stories – Alma Jordan

“I do suffer with working mother’s guilt, but I wonder if this ‘guilt’ is something I am feeling based on what I believe others are thinking” The interview series returns after a summer break, featuring Kildare native Alma Jordan. After years in sales and marketing, the mother of one recently

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Office Mum stories – Mary Holmes

“It can often be hard putting on my coat and heading out to work in the evening. Both from the point of view of missing story and bedtime and also after a long day it’s hard to ignore the sofa calling!”  This week I meet Mary Holmes, a Dublin based

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Office Mum stories – Anna Frankland

“When I went back to work after having the twins I found that venture capital and looking after twin girls were not compatible!” This week, I hear from mother of three Anna Frankland, as she explains how she transitioned from working in venture capital in Sydney to setting up her

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