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Office Mum stories – Mary Holmes

“It can often be hard putting on my coat and heading out to work in the evening. Both from the point of view of missing story and bedtime and also after a long day it’s hard to ignore the sofa calling!”  This week I meet Mary Holmes, a Dublin based

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The secret life of a working mum

I’m writing this from my small boy’s bedroom floor, and when he finally goes to sleep, I’ll grab something to eat, probably standing at the counter, making a school lunch and checking e-mails at the same time. Then I’ll bake a cake for the school cake-sale. OK, there’s no cake-sale.

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Aiming Low and Being Present

I really like a good list. And ticking things off lists. And sometimes adding things I’ve already done so that I can tick them off. The satisfying swoosh. Tick, tick, tick. And I like new year’s resolutions. But only ones that I a) really genuinely want to achieve and b)

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Mumager workshop – back to work

A room full of working mothers, hundreds of enthusiastic conversations, two inspirational coaches, sun streaming through the windows, and all the croissants we could eat – the Mumager workshop was starting out well. There’s something very uplifting about spending a day with like-minded people – with women who have similar

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