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It’s like talking to a child

For the last few weeks, I’ve spent all day every day with a three-year-old boy as my constant companion. Three-year-old boys are very good fun to hang out with  – they make for great company. But it does strike me that we’ve very little in common. For example, things I enjoy

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Age is just a number. Apparently.

“What age you is mummy?” asked my three-year-old recently. A topical question, when the internet is full of How Old Do I Look photos (clever Microsoft!), hitting on the mild obsession some (many) of us have with how old we look versus how old we are, and how publicly we’re

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This is 40

Walking past a poster for Disney’s “Maleficent”, I stopped to look at the evil Queen, noticing how striking she looked. Peering more closely, I spotted Angelina Jolie’s name. And had a sudden realisation, that with just days to go before I turn forty, I’ll never be Angelina Jolie. I mean, I was never

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