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YUU Backpack – Review and Giveaway

A package arrived. Excitement was high. One child almost fainted, such was her need to see what was in the big cardboard box.

“Relax,” I said, “It’s probably something boring for dad, or for me.” Secretly hoping it was for me.

I opened the box. Four heads peered in.

“It’s a bag!” one child shouted. “It’s pink!” said another. “It’s for us!” they all said together.

We took it out to examine it, everyone clustered around. Zips were unzipped, pockets assessed, contents pulled out.

“Mum, we love it! It’s amazing! But who is it for – which one of us?” asked the seven-year-old.

Now I was in trouble. They were admiring a YUU bag; the most amazing back-pack they’d ever seen, and but one into three doesn’t go. Well, if it’s cake, of course it does. But it’s not so easy with back-packs.

“It’s for me!” I said, failing to think of any other answer.

“But it looks more like something for kids?” the five-year-old said.

“Yes, it does, and that’s why I’m going to share it with you guys – you can all have turns using it, and we’ll bring it on holidays with  us too – to carry all your stuff for the plane,” I said.

That seemed reasonable to them and they carried on oohing and ahhing over the bag. And indeed, there’s lots to admire.

Office Mum - YUU bag

YUU backpacks were designed by Gill and Kellie, both of whom are mothers, and successful Dragon’s Den contestants. They were tired of watching kids struggle with flimsy backpacks, and wanted to design something more structured, that was also good for little backs.

So YUU bags are ergonomically designed backpacks, made of compressed light-weight material, with adjustable straps, and a chest strap with a whistle to encourage children to wear the bag correctly. When you touch the bag, the outside is hard, but at the same time, it’s very light. When my kids put it on to try, I could see that it sits high on the upper back and holds its position well, unlike their current school-bags which tend to drag downwards.

Office Mum - YUU backpack
My smallest tester

Inside is the fun part. Anyone who likes compartments and zips and side-pockets will love the YUU bag. It has a detachable pencil case, sleeves for holding artwork, mesh pockets for phones, and velcro straps to keep things in place. The front panel zips down fully so that you can lay it out flat, and use it for a small desk or surface for games or drawing.

Office Mum - YUU bag

It also comes with a drawing pad, coloured pencils, a keyring, and a game of Snakes and Ladders.

We took the bag out for a test run:

YUU bag Office Mum

YUU backpack Office Mum

You bag office mum

yuu backpack office mum

And the verdict was “Mum, pleeeeeeease can we use your new bag more often, it’s soooo cool.”

I told them I’d let them use it from time to time, we’d definitely bring it on holidays to carry all their books and colouring bits and “important things”, and that they could have the game of Snakes and Ladders for keeps. I know, I’m a hero.

Overall, I was really impressed with the bag. When you compare it to a typical backpack like the ones my daughters take to school, there’s a huge difference. The structured element of the YUU bag is kind of addictive, and the girls’ school-bags are annoying me now, in comparison.

But I’m not brave enough to choose one child over another, so for now, the YUU bag is all mine.

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