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Worry Not: No More Worries Kit – Review and Giveaway

“What’s up pet?” I asked my middle child on Friday evening, when she looked a bit sad.

She shrugged. “I’m not sure what it is. I think I’m just worrying about lots of things but I don’t even know what they are.”

This isn’t uncommon – she’s my little worrier. She worries when her glasses are missing, thinking they’re gone forever, even though she had them two minutes ago in her bedroom (and no magpie swooped in to swipe them).

She worries about school every Sunday night, even though she has floated happily through her years there with no difficulty at all.

She worries about being late every morning, to the point where I’ve stopped saying “Come on guys, we’ll be late”.

So Friday night wasn’t surprising in itself, but I know she finds it particularly tough when she can’t work out what’s wrong . Then suddenly I remembered the package downstairs. It had arrived the previous day, and I was too busy to open it, but I knew what was inside.

“Come with me,” I said, taking her by the hand. Downstairs, we opened the package, and I handed her the No More Worries Kit I’d been sent by the Irish Fairy Door Company.

No More Worries Kit - Andrea Mara Office Mum

Her face lit up with curiosity as I took out the keyring plaque and pressed it, closing my eyes.

“See the red light?” I said, “That’s because I’m thinking about my worries. Now it’s going green, because my worries are going away.”

She wanted a go then, and closed her eyes and tried it.

“See!” I said, as the light went green, “It worked!”

Now, this girl is eight, so she wasn’t going to fall for it too easily.

“Doesn’t it just do that no matter what?”

I told her it does, yes, but the exercise of thinking about your worries and wishing them away is in itself helpful.

“When you had your eyes closed, did you think about what’s bothering you?” She nodded. “So that’s a good thing, because a few minutes ago, you couldn’t work out what it was.” She nodded again, and this time she smiled.

Then I handed her the Feelings Journal, where she can write down how she’s feeling each  night. She has it under her pillow, and the first page says “Mum if you’re reading this, stop now” so I guess she’s using it.

There are also conversation cards, so we went through some of those, getting to the bottom of what was going on in her head.

Her big sister came in then and tried the keyring. She didn’t press it properly at first and no light came on. She couldn’t understand why it didn’t work, so I did it, and the red light came on this time. She tried again and still didn’t get it. I told her it’s because she has no worries (she probably doesn’t) – then it went red for her, and we agreed her new worry was why she couldn’t make the light come on. My worrier-eight-year-old laughed her head off at that, then wandered off up to bed with her plaque keyring, her Feelings Journal, and a big smile on her face.

The No More Worries Kit is a lovely product. For older kids, they’ll know it’s not magic or fairies, but as a distraction from the original worry, and a means of focussing in on what exactly is going on inside, it works brilliantly. The keyring plaque is portable, so kids can attach it to schoolbags or sports bags and keep it close to hand. The Feelings Journal is a great idea, and the conversation cards are good for opening up chats. I guess all these are things we can and should do without props, but sometimes we need props as prompts, and to that end, the No More Worries Kit works perfectly.

**Competition closed**

I have one No More Worries Kit to give away!

To enter, just comment below. (You can comment on Facebook for a second entry if you like – it will be up on Facebook on Friday morning.) I’ll draw one winner on Sunday night. Good luck!

This is not a sponsored post – I was sent my No More Worries Kit by the Irish Fairy Door Company for review purposes, all opinions are mine and my children’s!





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