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Product Review: Beltlock – keeping seatbelts closed!

Do your kids ever open seat-belts while you’re driving? Or accidentally open a sibling’s seat-belt when opening their own – the one that’s supposed to stay closed because it’s holding a car-seat in place?

We don’t have a problem with the first situation but the second is a regular annoyance. And OK, it’s not always the kids either – we have two seat belt sockets side by side, one of which should be permanently closed, and which I am guilty of inadvertently opening, on a ridiculously regular basis. These two sockets are embedded deep down in between two booster seats, and sticking my hand down between them at any given time is difficult. So doubling the work by releasing the wrong socket is maddening.

As a result, I was more than happy to review “Beltlock” – a simple cover that prevents kids (or clumsy adults) from opening seat-belts.

It’s a small, light, very straight-forward product; like all the best ideas, it’s very simple.

Office Mum product review: photo of beltlock

it just slips over the belt socket, then you click the seat belt into place as normal. In order to open it, you have to stick a key in through the opening. Not a specially designed key that you could potentially lose – just a regular house key, or anything that will fit through the opening, in order to release the latch.

It’s so simple, you’d think if you got one in the post, you’d use it straight away, right? Or would you perhaps put it aside, thinking “great, I must try that soon”. That’s what I did. And two days later, while strapping the kids in to go to school, I managed yet again to release the wrong seat-belt. It took about ten minutes (or what felt like ten minutes when we were already running late) to get the seat-belt back in, and I resolved to try the Belt-Lock as soon as we got home.

Of course I didn’t. And five hours later, I was squeezing my hand down between the seats, wrestling with the same seat-belt, which I had yet again opened by mistake.

So, finally, it was time to try out Belt-Lock. And, it’s simply brilliant. I put it on and took it off with the key, to make sure I could do it, then put it back on. It has been there ever since, and it’s no longer possible for this clumsy adult to release the wrong seat-belt.

Beltlock is an Irish product, and you can buy online at . It costs €12.50 with an additional €2.50 in postage.

If you’d like a chance to get one for free, just comment below to say you are interested (or comment on the Office Mum Facebook page, or reply to me on Twitter) and I will pick one person at random and post it out to you. Simple!


For this product review, I was sent two Beltlocks – one for you and one for me. I wasn’t paid for this – all opinions my own!

office mum beltlock photo





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