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Tea Meets Dress

I had my fortnightly spill-on-the-desk incident today, only instead of the usual full cup of water, it was a full cup of tea. And not just on the desk, but all over my chair too, and the floor, and my notebook, and my dress. In the middle of the day, soaking wet. I tried my best to mop it up, using the now ruined notebook pages, two tissues, and my scarf. I couldn’t leave my office to get anything more substantial than this, because the entire back of the dress was soaking wet and looked a bit odd. You know.

A number of things sprang to mind as I mopped the desk and dabbed the dress.

Firstly, it was dry-clean only dress. I know this, because I got it dry-cleaned last week, along with three other items, costing €50. In a dry-cleaners that doesn’t take credit cards. So I had to find an ATM. And hand over a lovely, crisp fifty euro note, to get back four items of clothes that I already own. Possibly the least gratifying  way to part with money since getting the boiler fixed.

Then I thought about the fact that I only had a sodden notebook, two tissues, and a scarf to mop up the mess. And that this is despite having written a number of posts and articles about being prepared and efficient when you’re a working parent. And one of those tips is to have a pack of wipes, spare tights and spare clothes at work. I did have wipes once, but the pack was finished (due to the fortnightly spill), and I didn’t replace them. I have no spare dress at work. Well really, who does. But still, I should probably practice what I preach, and at least have more than two tissues.

Then I worried about what I would do about the stained dress for the afternoon – hiding in my office probably wasn’t going to be a long-term solution. Would I need to do some emergency shopping at lunchtime? Hmm, things were starting to look up – I do love a bit of emergency shopping. It’s so fabulously guilt free. I recently dropped mayonnaise on a dress that I was due to wear out that night, so had to buy this one instead:

Oasis dress - office mum


I was very happy with the outcome – my credit card, less so. But you know, it was an emergency.

After all that thinking, I stood up to get my coat – it would hide the stain adequately while I went out for lunch and did the emergency shopping.

And then I realised that the stain was gone. So it turns out, tea doesn’t stain. I’m sure I learned something from this.

(or not)





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