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What are you reading, listening to, watching, eating, drinking, looking forward to, worrying about . . ? That’s the question Maud from Awfully Chipper asked herself – then asked everyone else – a snapshot of what’s going on right now. So here’s mine:


I’m reading and really enjoying Distress Signals by Irish writer Catherine Ryan Howard – it’s about a disappearance and it’s set in Cork and a real page turner, my kind of book. Meanwhile I’ve just discovered that my nine-year-old is reading about a murder at a wedding and someone who had an affair and has a “love child”. Now I need to figure out how to stop her downloading free books on Amazon that are meant for someone twice her age.

Listening to

The sweet sound of silence as the kids get their Saturday night TV fix.


This Is Us. Except not right this minute, because we’ve seen the first four episodes and have to wait until next Thursday for the next one. So tonight we’ll watch The Americans, which isn’t very good but will do until better things come along. (If you have any recommendations, let me know.)


A slice of the lemon and poppy-seed cake the small boy and I made yesterday evening, mostly because there was no food in the house and baking seemed preferable to going out in the rain to buy bread.

Lemon and poppy-seed cake - Office Mum
Let them eat cake


Water right now, but in a little while, the water will turn into wine. And a little while ago, there was prosecco at a family party for a gorgeous girl who turned TWO. So my water is ably bookended.

Looking forward to

Feeling great tomorrow morning after definitely not staying up too late tonight watching TV and reading the entire internet. Definitely. Oh, and taking part in a readathon for International Women’s Day in the Dublin Writers’ Centre next Saturday. With real, actual authors!

Worrying about

Deadlines, finding contributors, and more deadlines.

Working on

Articles, willing my children to put themselves to bed, and growing my nails (that last one has been going on since I turned seven, but still no luck).


Runners, because I half thought I’d go for a run. The other half of me appears to have decided to stay on the couch waiting for the wine, and I think that half is winning the debate.

Runners - Office Mum
They go well with wine


The Saturdayness of it all right now – the sheer let-out-a-long-breath Saturdayness.





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