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A Christmas Gift-List for Freelancers

Yes, this is a very niche Christmas gift list. But I’ve never done a Christmas gift list before, and it struck me that if you know a freelancer, this might be of help. (If you are related to me, got me in Kris Kindle and don’t know what to buy me, this won’t be of help since I already own all of the items below except the last one.) So here goes – two and half years into freelancing, this is the stuff that gets me through the day

1. Coffee

We all need coffee, especially if we have kids or work or both, and freelancers need coffee even more than most, because sometimes the coffee machine is the only thing to talk to – it’s kind of the go-to place when you work from home. So you can’t go wrong with good-looking coffee cups. My favourite places to buy new coffee cups are Dunnes and Meadows & Byrne, though these are from a holiday in France:

coffee cups - office mum

If you’re feeling generous, you could go one step further and buy the freelancer in your life a coffee machine – this is mine, it’s like my fourth child:

2. Slippers

The things is, freelancers want indoor footwear but not to the point where we feel like we’re elderly ladies who live in slippers. So I love these slipper boots from Next. They have a proper sole, so can be worn outside when you need to roar at the kids to come in for dinner, but they’re warm and cosy, and go with everything.

3. Lounge-wear

For some reason I hate the term lounge-wear, but I love what it means – cosy indoor clothes that look like you live in a New York loft, and work really well if you don’t have to leave the house but don’t want to stay in pyjamas all day. No, I’m not posting a pic of me in my lounge-wear but honestly, I really, really look like someone who lives in a New York loft. And I do own this pink sweatshirt.

Next Pink Sweatshirt - Office Mum

4. Pens

I’m addicted to pens from Sostren Grene and they’re less than €2 a pack. Here are mine, sitting in my Penneys stationery drawer set:

5. Notebooks

Peter Pauper Press make beautiful notebooks with a gorgeous variety of covers and now I can’t start on a new book without one of these.

Peter Pauper Press notebooks - Office Mum

6. Radio

I can’t work with music in the background, but for break-time or just a bit of company in a quiet house, you can’t beat radio.

7. Wine

For when you’re finished work. Okay, for while you’re still working, but remember to edit the following morning.

8. Jewellery

I love these earrings and everything from MaryKJewellery – a Dun Laoghaire-based designer.

Admittedly, this has nothing to do with freelancing, but my  husband might be reading.

Happy Christmas!





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